Royal Canadian Cleaning and Care

Finished Leather

  1. Lather a small amount of gentle, moisturizing soap in a damp cloth. Make sure not to soak the cloth.
  2. Lightly rub the cloth to your shoe ensuring not to apply too much pressure. This could damage the coloring.
  3. Wipe away the soap with a new damp cloth. Ensure not to soak the leather.
  4. Polish the clean shoe with a dry paper towel.
  5. Condition your leather shoe after it has dried so it doesn’t dry out.


Unfinished Leather

  1. Lather saddle soap directly into the leather.
  2. Use fresh damp cloth to wipe away lather and allow to dry.
  3. Once dry, use oil with a leather preservative to protect shoe.


Patent Leather

  1. Use a shoe brush or soft-bristle tooth brush to remove any dirt or build up from the stitching.
  2. Lather a mild soap into soft water and wipe down the entire shoe, inside and out, with a cotton cloth.
  3. Dry shoe at room temperature for two to three days.
  4. Use saddle soap and a soft cotton cloth to clean entire shoe. Remove all saddle soap after cleaning with a fresh cloth.
  5. Apply a patent shoe wax or polish to your shoe. This will help keep the patent leather waterproof and prolong the life of the shoe.


  1. Acquire a spray that protects against water damage and other stains. Test on small patch from shoe before spraying entire shoe.
  2. Store suede shoes and boots in an area where they can breathe. Avoid plastic bags or holders that prevent air circulation and chose cloth bags instead to prevent dust buildup.
  3. Keep suede shoes or boots away from light and moisture to prevent discoloration and mold.
  4. If suede shoes or boots get wet, soak up moisture with a towel or cotton cloth. Allow suede to dry naturally.  Once dry, brush with suede brush to preserve the raised fibres.
  5. Use suede brush or nail file to remove any scuffs or dirt from suede.
  6. Remove any stains by rubbing talcum powder or cornmeal only to the stained area. After several hours, brush away the powder or cornmeal and repeat if necessary.
  7. Major stains may require professional care. If needed, bring in suede shoes and boots to a dry cleaner or cobbler for more extensive work.