Women's Insulated Waterproof Boots

From the snowy streets of Toronto to the icy terrains of Vancouver, our women's insulated waterproof boots are the ultimate winter companion. Made with the highest-quality materials like waterproof leather, genuine fur collars, and memory foam insoles, these boots are designed to withstand the harshest Canadian winters. And unlike other winter boots, you won’t have to sacrifice style even as the temperature drops to -30°C. 

Women’s Winter Boots Made for Canadian Winters

Waterproof Membrane to Keep Your Feet Dry

No more avoiding puddles of melted snow – your feet will be dry no matter what the wet winter streets or rural snow drifts throw at you. Wrapped in a premium waterproof leather, these boots will keep all of the snow, ice, slush, and water out, all while locking in warmth. But we know that feet can sweat even in sub-zero temperatures, which is why we added a one-way breathable membrane. Even as excess heat escapes to limit sweat accumulation inside the boots, your feet won’t be compromised by the cold.  

Waterproof boots are great, but not if you’re trudging through deep snow or puddles, right? Wrong. With shafts that extend well above your ankle (6-inch or 10-inch), and a lacing system that adjusts to fit your lower leg, it will be next to impossible for snow to end up in the boot. On the front, your feet are protected by a gusseted tongue, which connects along the sides of the boot to lock out snow and other debris. And even though each boot features an easy-access slipper to help you slide the boot on & off, you won’t have to worry about water entering. The YKK zippers are a watertight blend of nickel and silver that have been used everywhere from the depths of the oceans to the final frontier of space – a little bit of snow won’t be a problem. 

Comfort & Function Over Everything

Whether you're navigating through a snowstorm, heading to a winter festival, or simply stepping out for a cup of coffee, Royal Canadian boots are your trusty companion for conquering the True North. Cold-rated for temperatures down to -30°C (-22°F), freezing toes won’t be the reason you have to head home early. And while insulation is the primary feature of winter boots, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice foot support. With every step, your feet will be greeted by the soft, yet supportive memory foam insole. Lined with Merino wool for added warmth, the padded insole will support your heels, arches, and balls of your feet, eliminating any aches & pains and promoting long-term foot health. 

Conquer the Cold in Style

Most women’s insulated waterproof boots are big, clunky, and quite frankly, not very fashionable. Our bold take on winter boots is that they’re more than just functional footwear, they’re statement pieces that will carry you through months of cold, gloomy weather. Every stitch, zipper, aglet, and lace is a testament to the contemporary Canadian woman that values functionality as much as her everyday style. With features tailored for the cold, like superior insulation and waterproofing, you're not just wearing a boot; you're making a statement.